Thursday, January 4, 2007

Fellow Lift breakdown occupants from Hell

I have often thought of the three worst people I would want to be stuck in a broken-down lift with.

My worst three would be:

1. Jeffrey Archer
2. Edwina Currie
3. Sebastian Coe

If I was stuck in a lift with all three, I think I would emerge from the lift with inter-cranial bleeding due to banging my head up against the wall of the lift.

Any thoughts on these or others?


  1. Edwina wouldn't be so bad. She's at least intelligent.

    Prescott would be awful, especially if I were female...

    Anyone who decided to preach religion at me.

    Alistair Campbell would of course try to spin the lift breaking down as a lie, or try to blame it on the Tories...

  2. Lembit Opik and both of the Cheeky Girls?

    What with LO's incredible prowess I think it would be pretty obscene!

    David O'L

  3. Gloria Hunniford (talentless), Mark Durden-Smith (even more talentless man who ITV appear to love and gove lot os work to) amd Anthony Worral Thompson (the world's most smug man, a nasty Tory and capable of spoling any decent TV show)

  4. Delicious choice NIcholas (no pun intended in the case of Wozza).

    Shurely not our Gloria??!!!

    Would you squeeze in Mark Durden-Smith's mum, Judith Chalmers perhaps?