Saturday, January 27, 2007

3 black-headed gulls, 2 Robins, 1 Magpie and a Bluetit

There, we've done our bit for the Big Birdwatch weekend. That was the count of birds by my daughter and I during a 30 minute birdwatch at Speenhamland School, Newbury this morning. (That followed some intensive bird-feeder manufacturing and bird collage sticking.)

We heard a lot more birds, but, as someone remarked, they haven't survived for millions of years without being a bit canny and hiding themselves.

We have duly sent off our report to the RSPB. As well as a schools birdwatch initiative, there is also one for gardens.

By the way, there must be something remarkable about seeing three black-headed gulls over 90 miles from the nearest coastline. My memory may be failing, but 30 years ago I thought you hardly ever saw them inland. Someone said I was "cheating" by counting birds flying overhead. I see. That's cheating is it? Like birds hardly ever fly overhead do they?

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