Saturday, January 20, 2007

Iain Dale back in excellent form on English Parliament

After the wimpy bit of Blogger which he uses went down last night, Iain Dale is back with a vengeance on the subject of an English Parliament.

Old Frank Field, bless him, has tabled an EDM noting opinion poll support for an English parliament and saying that he believes voters now put this ahead of Scottish Independence and Lords reform as a priority.

The problem is that you cannot take any of these issues in isolation. A comprehensive constitutional settlement is needed for the UK. Otherwise, you "fix" one bit, only to find that another bit is then broken. The Scottish parliament and Welsh Assembly (leaving the West Lothian question unsettled) is a prime example of that.


  1. You are quite right. There should be a UK Constitutional Convention to discuss all these issues. While my preferred solution is a Parliament for England, this decision cannot be taken in isolation.

  2. Many thanks for your commenbt, Iain