Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Low carbon emitting MPVs - manufacturers changing

After some recent correspondence in the Liberal Democrat News, I have been contacted with some interesting snippets of information about low carbon emitting MPV vehicles.

I highlighted the VW Touran 1.9TDI S, which has 162 g/km emissions. This would put it in Band D of our proposals (range: 151-165), attracting only an extra £25. It comes with up to seven seats.

Now I have been made aware of the new seven-seater Citroen C4 Picasso, which has a version that emits only 150 g/km. That means that it would attract no extra tax under our VED proposals. See our full policy here.

This is, yet again proof of two things:

1. Manufacturers are changing and producing greener large cars.

2. Our policy does not discriminate against large cars. It discriminates against heavily polluting cars.


  1. The Touran and the C4 Picasso are MPVs, not 4x4s.

  2. Thanks Martin - now corrected - silly me.