Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Iain Dale's "dancing in the streets" - McClaren or Junor?

Someone might be able to help my ailing memory. Iain Dale wrote yesterday:

As Sir John Junor used to say, 'there will be dancing on the streets of Auchtermuchty' this evening, as the Conservatives announce the apparent demise of the 'A' List

I left a comment saying:

Iain, I thought it was Bill McClaren who referred to "dancing in the streets of (insert name of appropriate Scottish town) tonight"?

Sir John Junor used to refer, of course, to the maids and lads in Auchtermuchty but in all my years reading his pieces in the Sunday Express and Mail on Sunday, I can't remember him referring to dancing in the streets of Auchtermuchty.

Indeed, the only previous net reference I can find ( to "dancing in Auchtermuchtie" (you spelt it the right way I hasten to add) has been corrected by someone writing:"Please, it’s Auchtermuchty.And they don’t dance ……"

Anyone able to help? Did Sir John Junor ever forecast dancing in the streets of Auchtermuchty? Am I going mad or was Bill McClaren the originator of the Scottish public twilight hoedown forecast?


  1. It was Bill McLaren - as immortalised by Rory Bremner.

  2. Those of us who watch the Saturday football results on Sky Sports are familiar with the refrain "They'll be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight!" uttered by the presenter every time the team 'TNS' had won in the League of Wales.

  3. It was Bill McLaren.

    I always like it when Radio Five say "They be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight"

  4. Thank you all for your comments. This "Total Network Solutions" thing intrigues me!

  5. I have just realised that this is a very suitable to have a the top of my blog on Burn's night!

    Yours through a glass darkly!

  6. Hmm. Hello again. I thought the original quote was "there will be dancing on the streets of Raith tonight" as said by an English football commentator referring to Raith Rovers fans. Of course, there is no such place (Raith Rovers play in Kirkcaldy), but this only heightened the appeal of the quote. And quite right too.

    From this (original) mistake, it then became popular for commentators to say wilfully daft stuff - as mentioned by both Nigel Ashton and Norfolk Blogger. The rest, as they say, is tragedy.

    I could be wrong, but I somehow doubt it. Okay, maybe just a little bit. Anyway, I hope this helps clear absolutely everything up.

    Kind regards and greetings from Ireland.....

    (And a Happy Burns Night to you, too.)

  7. PE, a pleasure to hear from you as usual. And may I say that I throughly enjoyed your post about men and the back ends of horses (I couldn't express my appreciation because comments were not enabled on that post - as you said.

  8. With regard to the "Dancing In The Streets oF Raith" comment it was made, not by an English commentator, but a Scotsman called Sam Leitch (check out Raith Rovers website) after Raith Rovers of Kirkcaldy had beaten Rangers in a cup tie in the 60s.....