Saturday, January 13, 2007

Intriguing comments by Councillor Richard Barnbrook about Simone Clarke

From today's Guardian there are some intriguing comments by the BNP's most senior elected politician, Councillor Richard Barnbrook, leader of the opposition on Barking and Dagenham Council:

Mr Barnbrook, returning to the subject of Clarke, said she had his full backing and that he did not object to her relationship with Cuban-Chinese dancer Yat-Sen Chang. "She's not racist - she's going out with someone who is not of her own race," he said. But he said, he hoped the couple would not have children.

"I'm not opposed to mixed marriages but their children are washing out the identity of this country's indigenous people," he explained, quickly adding: "That's my view, it's not the party's view."

Run that by me again?

...he hoped the couple would not have children.

Ah. I see. You join a political party and are welcomed by the party's most senior elected politician telling the press that he hopes you do not have children with your partner.

I see.


Update 15/1: Simone Clarke and Yat-Sen Chang already have an off-spring. This was mentioned in an interview in Ballet magazine.


  1. I am married to a non-English person (Czech) and whilst I do not support the BNP, I oppose mass immigration and so does my wife.

    Whilst Simone Clarke's faith in the BNP maybe misplaced, the fact that she has settled with an immigrant in no way contradicts her views on mass immigration and the problems it has caused, is causing and will cause. In all probability and besides the social and cultural consequences, those that are damaged most by mass immigration are the recent immigrants.

    Will you technocratic liberals, who are so keen to point the finger of fascism, stupidity and hypocrisy at others, ever realize the seriousness of what is going on and from where the threat to your liberal values is really coming?

    Will you ever admit that whilst some immigrants can integrate others, whilst adhering to their own traditions, simply don't want to or even can't?

    Can you even make the distinction that immigrants from some countries can integrate more easily than others and perhaps therefore are preferential immigrants?

    I am sure you wouldn't begrudge an Amazon tribe making these decisions and distinctions so perhaps one day you may see the hypocrisy of your own position. But I doubt it.

  2. I have actually not accused anyone of "fascism" or "hypocrisy" on this subject of Ms Clarke and the BNP. The strongest term I used was that I thought Simone Clarke was "naive" while saying that "she has every right to be a member of the BNP". I also described the BNP immigration policy as "stupid".

    I am all in favour of controls in immigration. I am all in favour in cracking down hard on illegal immigrants.

    What I am not in favour of is of politicians saying that they hope other people don't have children.