Sunday, January 21, 2007

TV audiences: Ann Widdecombe beats Jade Goody

The impression may have been gathered that Celebrity Big Brother was watched by vast audiences, after Jade Goody started kicking off (photo -left - is of Shilpa Shetty because I don't want to show Jade's photo). You know, the entire nation, as one, huddled round their flickering cathode tubes (old technology - Ed) to humbly imbibe this seminal, epoch-making "Britain-in-a-mirror" cultural commentary.

It is probably daft to mention that the 1966 World Cup was seen by 32.3million but I'll mention it anyway.

In contrast, Wednesday night's Celebrity Big Brother was seen by an estimated 5.2 million

More people watched Taggart that night (5.3 million).

Indeed, more people watched Ann Widdecombe hugging hoodies on "Tonight" (5.5 million). Earlier in the week, Judge John Deed was seen by 6.2 million and Holby was seen by 7 million.

Corrie on Monday was seen by 12.3 million.

One EastEnders' episode this week was seen by 9.4 million.

That said, Celebrity Big Brother peaked at 8.8 million for the Goody eviction interview.

I am indebted to Media Guardian who publish these estimates in their "TV Overnights" each day. It is well worth the small effort to register with them.


  1. Apul, it appears we are taking over Lib Dem blogs aggregated. Yesterday's top five stories feature you at 1, 2, and 4 and me at 3 and 5.

    Another clevr post on this subject, but what it does not show is the amount of internet coverage. A lot of people catch up with big brother from live streaming, the websites and youtube.

  2. it appears we are taking over Lib Dem blogs aggregated.

    Indeed! :-) I think I will need one of my "lie downs in a darkened room" soon, I don't know about you!

    You are right that BB has an awful lot of intensive and wide collateral media bits. For example, I can't people playing a Ann Widdecombe Hug-a-hoodie DVD game!