Saturday, January 20, 2007

United 93, and other films everyone else has seen already

I know. Everyone else has seen it. Finally, I have watched this film.

It is brilliant. They had a bit of a challenge on their hands. After Airport and then Airplane! they had to smash up the genre of the airborne disaster movie and start again.

They did that brilliantly using the shaky camera, reailty style, I-can-hardly-hear-what-they-are-saying-so-it-must-be-real-or at-least-not-George-Kennedy-type approach.

It was gripping and fascinating, as well as poignant.

While I am in old-movie-that-everyone-else-has-seen-catch-up mode, I have just watched the whole of The Shawshank Redemption. A wonderful movie to drown in - and it's got a happy ending. But the best thing about it was the narration by Morgan Freeman. Blimey! That guy has got a voice that could bubble chocolate. Brilliant. I could listen to him reading the Reading Telephone Directory all day, every day.

And....I have at last watched the whole of Life of Brian but was rather disappointed because I have heard people reciting all the jokes to me scores of times over the years.

I have added all these films to my movie roll of honour.


  1. I avoided it after the furore about the German passenger.

    Friends and family state he was a brave bloke, would always do the gith thing, but the writers of the film decided to turn him in to a wimp who refused to stand up to the terrorists.

    It is a shame, without any fact or foundation, that the writers decided to libel/slander a man who died in such dreadful circumstances.

    I agree about Morgan Freeman though.

  2. Oh dear! I was not aware of the furore over the German passenger, otherwise I wouldn't have gone. If it is any consolation I only paid £3.50 to see it an my daughter's school. There were only two other people watching it in the big school hall!

    I didn't even notice someone ostensibly German in the film. But I think I know which actor's portrayal was referred to (now I have read up on it).