Thursday, January 18, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother - Well done Carphone Warehouse!

Yesterday afternoon I wrote to the Chief Executive of the Carphone Warehouse, asking him to cease financing Celebrity Big Brother. I am sure many other people also complained to him. No doubt, he was also mindful of the 30,000 (and counting) people who have complained to Ofcom about the programme (a record).

Anyway, Carphone Warehouse have now suspended their sponsorship from the programme, and withdrawn the use of their logo. Good for them!

"I think she should *** off home." - Daniela. That's racist, before talking about the other remarks. And the whole unedifying spectacle of four people ganging up on Shilpa is detestable.

Having said that, I see that Shilpa is getting good support from Jermaine Jackson and some of the other men. And she is coming out of this very well. She laughed off Jade's rant about the Oxo cubes.

Jade on the other hand, is unlikely to find much celebrity work in future. Her fragrance has been withdrawn from the shelves. When you see her brooding and arguing she looks.....not pretty, let's leave it at that.

Jade is the bookies favourite to be thrown out this Friday. Shilpa is the favourite to win.

So I think things will resolve themselves, but I applaud the Carphone Warehouse for taking a stand.

There is an excellent collection of clips of the programme here.

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  1. I agree Paul. I was tempted to write about this myself, but considering I wrote about Big Brother twice yesterday, I feared a backlash.