Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sledgehammer to crack a nut - Observer on BNP Ballerina

My views on Simone Clarke of the ENB/BNP (easy to mix up those abbreviations, isn't it?) have calmed down a little after reading Jasper Gerard's piece, 'Taking the BNP ballerina seriously is just tutu silly', in the Observer today.

Mr Gerard has a refreshing way with words and sums up the hoo-ha brilliantly:

Ever since we let Hitler treat Belgium like a public footpath, we haven't been very clever when dealing with the far right.

...Surely they realise the BNP draws oxygen from the huffing of a liberal elite, enabling snarling thugs to dress up as persecuted victims. Putting racists in the dock is like shovelling coal into the Flying Scotsman - it feeds the fascist fire.

...She might be a nut, but why crack her with a sledgehammer? If you can no longer hold views liberal society rightly regards as repugnant, how liberal is your society?

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