Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shetty to Jade: "You need elocution lessons"

Contrary to a report in the Guardian, which featured in my post earlier called "Jade to Shetty: 'You need elocution lessons'", I have watched the "CBB catch-up" programme and it is clear that it was the other way round, according to Jade. This is confirmed by the Manchester Evening News.

I have left the comments from the earlier posting below.


  1. The Jade/Shetty thing is a class clash.

    Shetty won't recognise it because she lives a sheltered, privileged life.

    Jade has picked up on Shetty's life-style, doesn't like Shetty's attitude and wants to bring her "back to earth".

    It's a classic "Class Clash" being manipulated by the PC brigade.

    And Paul, your comment shows a little about you, your class discrimination just popped out for a moment.

    Still facy a pint?

  2. So, you can imagine Jade saying "How now brown cow" in the regulation way, can you?

    Hogs head, Newbury any time you like

  3. What exactly are elocution lessons? Is that a UK thing?

  4. Nice to hear from you Ed. They are lessons in correct pronunciation.

    The film "My Fair Lady" based on George Bernard-Shaw's "Pygmalion" was based on elocution lessons.