Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grant Shapps in deep doo-doo

Bloggerheads very entertainingly does the full works on Grant Shapps here, following up on LibDem Voice's exclusive this morning:

Grant Shapps is not just a Conservative MP and Shadow Housing Minister... he's Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party "with responsibility for campaigning" (source).

So we're not talking about some overzealous activist or flunky... we are talking about the guy in charge of the Ealing Southall campaign for the Conservatives and in charge of campaigning for the Conservatives overall (oh, plus he's also Chairman of a company that claims some web expertise).

And he's just been caught in a very clumsy sock-puppeting attempt... because he forgot that he was still logged in to his personal YouTube account at the time of the attempt.

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  1. Not so hard on Tim - it was a funny piece. I should've said that story originally broken by LimDemVoice. PS. Guido is loving it - and Dale is sooooo sticking his tongue up Shapps.....read his diary - it's hilarious! :D