Saturday, July 21, 2007

Exciting New poll: When will Iain Dale take down the "Lit up Ealing Southall" box from his web site?

It's still there. The screen grab on the left was taken at 12:15 today. And yes, I have deleted all my cookies and temp files, and pressed F5 to check I am not seeing an old version of the page.

So here's an exciting new poll: When will Iain Dale finally take down the "Lit up Ealing Southall" box from his web site? Vote on the right.

The options are:

-When he returns from Rwanda

-When he returns from Arslikkan

-When hell freezes over

-In a few days time

Please let me know if I have missed any options which ought to be added to the poll. And remember what they say: Vote early and often!

It's worth looking at James Graham's hilarious version of the Tory box here.


  1. This certainly is exciting! You have to admit, I think, that that Iain Dale is a good egg, even if you (like me) disagree with most of his opinions. I also think that that Richard Benyon is a good egg too, but you may not be 100% with me on this one!

  2. I agree that both Iain Dale and Richard Benyon are good eggs. I don't think I have met many people who are bad eggs, actually.

  3. I am sitting here in my hotel room in Rwanda and thanks to you have now deleted the Lit box!

  4. Thanks Iain. I am glad you got there safely.