Monday, July 16, 2007

Ealing Southall: LibDems on shorter odds than Tories on Betfair

I never really pay much attention to election betting. But Iain Dale made a big thing of showing two graphs on July 10th showing increased betting on the Tories, and decreased betting on the LibDems, at Ealing Southall. The graph was from Betfair.

In fact, today Betfair show the LibDems on shorter odds than the Tories.


  1. Well, remember that Mike Smithson is a fellow Bedford Lib Dem.........but I hope he is right, worst case scenario isn't us coming 3rd but Labour winning convincingly, a snap election is certainly wouldn't so us any favours!

  2. Very interesting. Haven't come across Betfair before and am completely mystified by what's going on, particularly so after glancing at the 'help' pages.

  3. For a sober look at the By-election: