Saturday, July 21, 2007

Newsnight Brown film "doctored"

A little while ago I blogged about a film on Newsnight about Gordon Brown.

Interestingly, the assembly of that film has now been called into question. The sequence of a meeting between the filmmaker and a Treasury assistant was changed so it looked like one incident happened before another, when in fact it happened afterwards. (I would add that the BBC have also been criticised for not making clear that the security chief was not aware of being recorded when he accused Brown of being "shy and withdrawn". But as you can see from my blog posting, it was clear to me that the chief didn't know he was being recorded.)

It seems a relatively minor indiscretion but when you stack it up with the Queen film change, the Blue Peter faked quiz winner and the Quiz Show scandal it all mounts up to a major crisis for the BBC.

One can't help thinking that the culture of independent producers is to blame for much of the crisis.

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  1. I recall during the last Coal Strike news footage of the fighting outside Orgreave coking plant. The visuals showed pickets streaming forwards battling police, and then mounted police charging the pickets.

    According to later comments by TV news insiders (and at least one TV documentary on the strike which I saw when originally broadcast years later but cannot find links on now) the programme cvisuals were misleading.

    The claim is that while the police charge was indeed preceeded by 'shoving' from a line of mass pickets, the actual footage of pickets battling police was from the period after the initial mounted police charge. The real order of events just didnt provide interesting enough visuals of 'picket violence'.

    Does anyone have more precise references to this?