Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The BBC's Six O'Clock News provides the Blue Peter guide for terrorists

Last night's BBC Six O'Clock news was a must-see for any potential terrorist. From just watching that one programme any aggrieved person learnt:

1. All the trains to the West Country from London have to go past Platform 4 at Reading Station.

2. The switching room Walham Electricity switching station in Gloucester is critical in supplying power to the GCHQ, 500,000 people in Gloucestershire and a "nuclear facility which the BBC is not allowed to name".

The location of the Walham switching station can be found on the internet fairly easily (see low resolution photo from Google Earth above for illustrative purposes only). The location of platform 4 at Reading station is even less of a challenge to find.

Need I say more?

The government is spending a vast amount of energy on the 28 days v 56 days debate about holding people without charge. I hope they are spending as much time on ensuring our essential infrastructure is protected.

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  1. The location of platform 4 at Reading station is less of a challenge to find.

    Speak for yourself!