Friday, July 13, 2007

Boris Johnson confirms Mayoral run on his website

On his website, Boris Johnson has confirmed he will run for the Tory candidacy for Mayor of London. Anyone who saw his blustering appearance on Question Time recently will know that this man is vacuous and bordering on the offensive (and often actually offensive). This is despite his well practised "lovable buffoon" act, which fools less and less people these days.
London is an extremely consmopolitan city so Boris is likely to meet many people who come from places which feature on his required "global apology itinerary": Norwich, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Papua New Guinea etc etc - not to mention offended Jamie Oliver fans.


  1. Well done on the screen grab - for some reason the article seems to have disappeared from his site.

  2. Oh! Thank you for telling me that Jonny.

  3. He is also clever. His writing is sometimes very good and he is witty.

    I don't mind him being offensive to be honest, but its not really a trait which will help him be elected...

    I'm verging on the 'anyone but Ken' position though - I can think of a few who I'd dislike more than Ken though (Galloway for example)