Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Zane Lowe appearance on Today!

Hip and happening Radio One DJ Zane Lowe will be appearing on Today tomorrow morning. Weird or what? (It's the silly season - they had a piece on Country and Western music this morning.)

Any road up, I know this because this evening on his show Zane started to introduce the first remix that Bob Dylan has ever had done of any of his tracks and then said words to the effect of: "I am appearing tomorrow on Radio Four about this - on the show - is it called Today?"

Yes, Zane, dear. It is called "Today". I know that because it has been a celebrated radio programme on the BBC for nigh on fifty years. Books have been written about it.

Anyway, he seemed quite excited to be appearing on what he called his "first high brow show".

The remix is of "Blonde on blonde" and is by Mark Ronson. It sounds great.

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  1. I love Zane Lowe so much and I am also a Today programme fan. Annoyingly though I didn't wake up in time! Thank fuck for listen again hmm?