Monday, July 30, 2007

Jaws comes to Cornwall! - if you believe the Sun

The "silly Season" has arrived! Official confirmation comes with this story in the Sun:

"I saw the fins just like Jaws" - HORRIFIED mum Catherine Price videoed a “harmless” shark off Cornwall — then discovered it was Britain’s JAWS.

Holidaymaker Catherine was on a boat trip with son Callum, seven, when they spotted the 12ft monster’s fin.

As it circled in the water, fellow tourists dismissed the creature as a docile basking shark.

But Catherine got the shock of her life yesterday — as experts confirmed it could well be the second sighting of a deadly GREAT WHITE prowling off St Ives.

Following this revelation, anyone at immediate risk of hyper-ventilation should carefully read these words from the Shark Trust:

Richard Peirce, Chairman of the Shark Trust, would like to make it absolutely clear that when he was shown footage of a shark partially breaching off St Ives at the end of June by The Sun, he did not confirm that this was a Great White Shark.
Richard's opinion was that it was impossible to make a conclusive identification, and that the shark could either have been a mako, a porbeagle, or, if one accepts that White Sharks are occasional vagrant visitors in UK waters, these animals could not be ruled out.

The beast in a second video produced today was quickly identified by Mr Peirce as a basking shark, which is, of course, plankton. So, Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!


  1. If Great Whites had stopped people surfing in Australia and California surfing would never have been popular. Get down to Bude for some fantastic surfing...