Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good heavens! Mick McManus is still alive!

This will mean nothing to anyone under about 45. But I was watching "I love television" or some such ITV confection last night and who should walk on but Mick McManus!

My wife and I said in unison: "I thought he was dead!"

But there he was, as alive as a live thing, as Baldrick would say.

I've just looked him up. He is 79 years old! He has outlived both Jackie Pallo and Giant Haystacks.

Note to anyone under 45: ITV used to run live wrestling (usually from Doncaster?) at 4pm on a Saturday. It was hugely popular. We had to watch it with my maternal grandparents in case one of them had a seizure during it, because they got excited about it. Mick McManus was the "BĂȘte noire" of these largely staged pugilistic performances.


  1. Jackie Pallo, Giant Haystacks...and Big Daddy.

  2. Thank you Paul - yes how could I forget Shirley Crabtree?!