Friday, July 20, 2007

Norfolk Blogger's son showing progress

The Norfolk Blogger has left a comment at my previous posting about his son. What he said was:

Thanks. He is now eleven days old and it looks as if he might be able to come and stay at home for good now. He's putting on weight and all the other tests are positive so I thank you all for your concern.

Great news! I am sure we all hope the progress continues and send our continued best wishes to Nich and his family.

It is wonderful that we can support a friend and fellow blogger in this little scion community of the blogosphere.


  1. That is good news - I hope his little boy is able to come home, and I hope the poor parents get plenty of help - Prem babies can be very hard work mentally and emotionally.

    On the plus side - neonatal care is great in this country and our little girl who was born 6 weeks early was really looked after both in hospital and since she came home.

    I wish him, his poor other hald and his little one all the luck and health in the world.

  2. Thank you very much for your comments Aaron.