Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bad end of a bad week for David Cameron

A bad week for David Cameron is topped off by a poll which finds that more than half of all voters think he is not in control of his party. Indeed, only 22% of those questioned thought he was in control of the Conservative party!

The weeklies are now putting the boot in. Bagehot in the Economist writes:

LIKE the rest of life, only more so, politics is not always fair. Not long ago, David Cameron's tail, and his poll numbers, were up, and expected to rise further after Gordon Brown's coronation. The ayatollahs of Blairism were fretting about how Mr Brown would hold up against the most talented Tory leader (as many Labour MPs, as well as Tories, then saw him) since Margaret Thatcher. A little month later, and the Tories are free-falling in the polls, having cocked up two by-elections. Mr Cameron this week found himself uncomfortably explaining why he was in Rwanda for a photo opportunity rather than at home, where his party was grumbling and his constituency flooded. His admirers protest that the reversal has been more the unfair result of bad luck than of poor leadership—and they are largely right.

And Martin Bright in the New Statesman asks: "Brown v Cameron: Game Over?"

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