Friday, July 13, 2007

Boris Johnson is no Bertie Wooster

On BBC Radio Four's PM today, Boris Johnson was described as being regarded as the "Bertie Wooster of Westminster".

Obviously, whoever described Johnson as such has never read the Wooster books or has forgotten all of them, if they did read them. P.G.Wodehouse must be turning in his grave. Wooster was always immaculately turned out, due to the fastidious sartorial attention of Jeeves. Johnson, in contrast, invariably looks as though he has just been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Unlike Johnson, Wooster never seemed to get his "leg over", either.

Johnson might be a candidate to be regarded as similar to one of the other characters in the Wooster books. Certainly not "Gussie" Fink-Nottle, who was more like Ken Livingstone, with his love of newts. Bingo Little perhaps? Or one of those young men in the Drones Club who used to throw round bread rolls at the drop of the hat, perhaps.

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