Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Headteacher ruins Harry Potter book for pupils by reading out last page"

This is fascinating. It's a Daily Mail story - so watch it! Political correctness alert. Or indeed, in this case, political incorrectness alert.

The headteacher of St John's Church of England primary school in Midsomer Norton, Somerset read out an excerpt from the last Harry Potter book to the children at the last assembly of term.

The Daily Mail say she read out the last page so that she gave away the ending.

Now you might think - what was she thinking about?

However, the school say that the excerpt was brief and chosen carefully by the staff to reflect the end of term situation - i.e. the theme of saying goodbye. They also insist that the passage didn't give away the ending.

The Mail then get some rent-an-expert to say that this "beggars belief"...huff...puff...etc...etc...continued on page 97.


  1. What's your point?

    The school's subsequent official statement reads like code for: "ok, so our headmistress made a pretty stupid and inexcusable mistake. Here's a bunch of educational verbiage, which noone will understand but that we hope will enable us to skirt around her stupidity and put the matter to rest".

    BTW - I think the Sun ran the story first, not the Dailly Mail.

  2. So that's the case for the prosecution is it?