Sunday, July 15, 2007

Full speed ahead at Ealing Southall

I am just back from a day's delivering at Ealing Southall. The Campaign HQ is in full swing and it is wonderful to see 17 columns of ticks against the delivery rounds - that's 17 complete deliveries made in the last couple of weeks - wow! I also counted well over 300 volunteers signing in just for today. And it is great to hear that Ming and Simon spent a full day there yesterday.

It is amazing that, although they called the election, the Labour party have been remarkably slow off the starting line!

It was great to shake hands with Chris Rennard and my old friend Councillor Colin Eldridge (with me in the photo above - he towers above me and I am over six foot!). Colin had come down with three friends all the way from Liverpool! I also went delivering with Joe Taylor from Sheffield.

I am looking forward to returning to the constituency on Thursday.

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