Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thoughts and best wishes for the Norfolk Blogger's son

I know I said I was suspending blogging for today, but this is important and I am just having a breather after delivering three big bundles of tabloids in Ealing Common starting at 4am.

The newly born son of the Norfolk Blogger is in the neo-natal intensive care unit of their local hospital, where he has been for nine days (as Nich mentioned in a comment here).

I am sure this bit of the blogosphere will join me in sending our sincere thoughts and prayers (the latter optional of course!) to Nich, his wife and their son, plus heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery of the young lad.

If the son has half the tenacity of his dad, he'll sail through this and write a blog about it!


  1. I'd like to echo that.

    Thankfully the medical technology has progressed wonderfully over the years and the chances of survival from many many things are so much higher than even five years ago.

    So all the best to the youngest Starling and to his parents in coping with what must be a very difficult time.

  2. Nich - very best wishes to your son for a speedy recovery; and to you and your wife, at what must be an extremely stressful time. You're very much in my thoughts.

    Paul - thanks a lot for posting this; have a good by-election and don't overdo it!

  3. Thanks. He is now eleven days old and it looks as if he might be able to come and stay at home for good now. He's putting on weight and all the other tests are positive so I thank you all for your concern.

  4. Thanks for that update Nich. That's great news. It's nice to be able to express support for a fellow LibDem blogger in need!