Monday, July 9, 2007

Don't be deceived by the mouth and trousers of the Tories in Ealing Southall

The exchange of councillors in Ealing from Labour to Conservative (at least partly motivated in one case by sour grapes at missing out on selection) is confirmation of what Ming said in his Cowley Street Stairwell speech:

It is ironic that of the few areas where the Tories actually have policies, they share so much in common with the government.

Cheltenham Robin commented on LibDem Voice:

From what I saw in Ealing, the Tories have got little else apart from their air war.

Their loudspeaker cars that drive around all day are just annoying people and there is Scepticism about Tony Lit (the ten minute Tory) who is clearly in 3rd place.

The vibe on the streets is that there is good support for Nigel Bakhai but don’t take my word for it - get down there for a few days and help Nigel and the hardworking campaign team.

I would back up what Cheltenham Robin says. Tony Lit looks very beautiful on his photographic posters and his Corsas have very loud loud-speakers, but I canvassed 200 households in Southall yesterday and not one person told me they would be supporting him. Instead, I got a lot of people telling me they felt let down by Labour and would be supporting Nigel Bakhai. I also found much evidence of LibDem literature having been delivered but precious little evidence of Tory leaflets having been delivered. I also did not see a single Tony Lit poster in a house or flat. The only Lit posters I saw were “mega posters” on a few commercial premises which led several residents to remark that it is only the prosperous traders who are supporting the Conservatives.

"All mouth and trousers" butters no parsnips.


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