Saturday, July 14, 2007

Iain Dale's self-confessed "blather, filling and bluster"

Writing of an impending television appearance, you have to admire Iain Dale's honesty in warning readers to look out for his "blather, filling and bluster".


  1. Sorry, I dont have to admire Dale for anything. The man is the Paris Hilton of politics - you arent quite sure why he is famous but it clearly isnt because of his brains.

    And I despair at the way so many Lib Dems are prepared to puff him up like he is some latter day Socrates.

  2. Ed, I kind of hope he will become a Tory MP. With MPs like him, the Conservatives would be soon out of competition.

  3. Ed, I should warn you that anything I write about Iain Dale is with my IRONY SETTING in the "ON" position.