Friday, July 20, 2007

Tories rip themselves apart

It is worth reading Conservative Home this morning. Here's a gem from "Traditional Tory":

So...David Cameron's Conservatives - Labour donors one moment, 'Tories' the next - have been tried and found disastrously wanting.
Cameron's fingerprints were all over this total disaster. The naive triumphalist drivel that was written again and again on this blog by his servile supporters should be quoted against them every time they attempt to justify the debauching of our once-great party by the PC socialist Cameron and his sycophantic clones.

And they're still yapping on. I'm reminded of those severed heads that continue to talk after the body has been guillotined. I wish I had some of whatever it is that Tory T is on. Don't tell him the bad news anybody.
He's failed, and so has his ridiculous instant Tory protégé. It's time for the 'men in suits' to start sharpening their stilettos.
I'm looking forward to the end of the Cameron stunt and the return of our party to tried and tested ways of doing things.Does ConHome believe he would not win it as soundly if it were held again today?
No. He would be soundly thrashed, and Lit - exposed as a two-timing clown - has fought his last election.
This was one each-way bet - as Norman Tebbit felicitously put it - that didn't romp home.

"Edison Smith" says:

Cameron's going to take a massive slap in the cherubic chops over Ealing Southall.
Cameron visited the place FIVE times and there was talk of winning it. Lit even ran as 'David Cameron's Conservatives', so it's personal!
Not good at all.

And there is a particularly damning indictment of the Tory high command's campaign here from "Oh dear":

Seriously, having been to Southall a few times what struck me was how little those at the top seem to know about how to fight a by-election - glitz and glamour have their role, but there needs to be substance underneath all that and that seemed to be completely overlooked.
Poor. Tomorrow Labour will crow.


  1. Ever heard of waking up and smelling the coffee?

    At least the Conservatives are able to discuss their failure what about us?

    We overlook that Ealing Southall is the only by election of its type that we have failed to win in 17 years. So Ming stays but with that millstone around his neck.

  2. Jim S. We do discuss our failings. Every time Ming burps, Laurence Boyce and the Norfolk Blogger are onto it like a rat up a drainpipe.

    I have already made a comment on the 17 years thing at the bottom of my "Wake up" posting. We had three weeks of a campaign this time and achieved a 5% swing. In all the other by-elections since 1989 we have had much longer than that to get a bigger swing. For example, Judith Chaplin died in February in the case of the Newbury by-election, but the by-election was not held until May.

  3. I'd like to make an incisive political statement, but I've been too busy laughing my ass off. Two byelection trouncings and no charges in cash for honours: sounds of Tory foxes being shot.