Thursday, July 19, 2007

First McCain falls, now Guiliani stumbles

With a two year campaign, the US Presidential race keeps throwing up some changing trends particularly on the Republican side. First, McCain had a big lead and now he's toast. Then Guiliani was out front, but now he is stumbling. asks whether Guiliani will be the "next McCain":

Since early March, Giuliani's support has fallen by an estimated 8 percentage points. McCain's fell by 10 points since January. And the rate of decline has been a bit steeper for Giuliani than for McCain. The saving grace for Giuliani has been that he started his decline from a higher point, around 33%, while McCain's slump started down from 25%.""Giuliani's national slide is also mirrored in the early primary states, as is the case with McCain... Were it not for the fundraising success of the Giuliani campaign, and its cash on hand ($15M), the analysis of his situation would be far more pessimistic than recent accounts have made it sound. In part the recent intense focus on McCain may have distracted analysts from the similar trends for Giuliani...

Meanwhile, Fred Thompson is doing well. For example, he leads the field with a 14 point margin in Georgia, according to Insider Advantage.

Thanks to Political Wire.

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