Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Tory Welsh spokesman from County Antrim: 'I know nothing about Welsh politics, but I stayed in Bristol 56 years ago'

The Western Mail reports:

THE new Conservative spokesman on Wales in the House of Lords admitted yesterday he knew “nothing about Welsh politics”.
Eton-educated hereditary peer Lord Glentoran, an Olympic Bobsleigh gold medallist in 1964, is taking over from Lord Roberts of Conwy, who is retiring from front-line politics.
Lord Glentoran said, “As far as the politics of Wales is concerned, as of 48 hours ago I knew absolutely nothing. I now know nothing, plus a bit. "

But there is good news, Lord Glentoran said:

"I know nothing about the politics but I know quite a lot about the geography, having climbed most of the mountains.” He said that as a Millennium Commissioner he had been involved in several Welsh projects, including the Millennium Stadium and the Wales Millennium Centre.

And the good folk in the valleys will be further reassured by this:

And he denied that his background was a hindrance to taking on the role, saying he had once stayed with a “literally working class family in Bristol” when he was 16, before doing a series of shop-floor jobs and joining the Army. Lord Glentoran, 72, lives in County Antrim.

All very reassuring. And I'm sure John Redwood has been giving him singing lessons as well.

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