Friday, July 6, 2007

"LibDem income tax 4p cut" - We'll have to trust Statler and Waldorf

The Guardian reports that "a LibDem commission" has rethought the party's package of tax proposals and, without changing the overall tax take, have proposed a basic rate income tax cut of 4 pence in the pound.

The proposals will be presented to activists for approval at the autumn conference, along with Treasury spokesman Vince Cable's six-point plan to increase the amount of tax paid by the super-rich. "We are committed to fairer, greener, not higher taxes. We are calling for affordable cuts for hard-working middle and low income families," said a party source.

"Party source" is busy again. It is very frustrating to only get part of the package publicised at this stage. On its own this could be complete fiscal jibberish. We will just have to trust Statler and Waldorf for the moment.


  1. If you have your conference papers, the details are in there.

  2. I dislike this 'squeeze the rich' aspect of LibDem policy. It will not help us in the long run - we already have a reputation as a high tax party.

    What is needed is for us to actually reduce and simplify taxation.
    As LibDems we like to talk about freedom, but we cling to big government as much as the other parties. We should be setting people of all incomes and wealth levels free by not taxing them so much.

  3. Good points Tristan - thank you

  4. Actually, the paper hasn't been published only sent to delegates, instead TAnia Brannigan from the Guardian picked up chatter on the blogs from those who have received the paper and wrote a story on the back of it.

    "Party source" was probably trying to stall and not give any detail- hence the "paper will be published later this month" line

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