Monday, July 9, 2007

Great weekend's canvassing

A mail from Ming this morning states that "over the weekend we have canvassed more people than in any other by-election weekend for over a decade". Well done team!


  1. Hi Paul,

    Just wondered if you knew anymore about an Avtar Lit who stood for 'Sunrise' in the 2001 GE? - Any relation?

    PS. I hear the Tories now have 4 disloyal nu-lab councillors - lucky them to be gaining such highly principled individuals.....NOT

    Newbury Blogwatcher

  2. ahhhhhh......
    Avtar Lit
    Dr Avtar Lit is the owner and chairman of Sunrise Radio, and was named one of the 20 most powerful Asians in England.

    His son Tony Lit, Director of Sunrise Radio, is also active in family the business.

    He is said to be worth 96 million dollars and his 3 radio stations put his money up to 2 billion dollars owning radio stations across the world.

    Avtar Lit stood as a candidate for the Ealing, Southall constituency in the 2001 General Election. Sunrise Radio carried extracts from an interview with Dr Lit in advance of this, which was contrary to section 90(2)(b) of the Broadcasting Act 1990. The Radio Authority (now Ofcom) fined Sunrise Radio £10,000 for this breach.

    Newbury Blogwatcher