Sunday, July 8, 2007

Counter-productive Tory tactics in Southall

The sun was shining brilliantly in Ealing Southall today.

While canvassing this morning I was struck by the large number of people who said that they feel let down by Labour, and are turning to Nigel Bakhai this time.

I also heard grumblings about the Conservatives' tactics. They have a team of Corsa 1.2s driving round with loud-speakers on them, playing a very loud looped recording of a very English voice saying "Vote Tony Lit". Fair enough. But the sight and sound of five of these vehicles stuck in the traffic in Southall High Street for 20 minutes playing that same recording ad nauseam must have lost the Tories more votes than it gained.

My photo below shows me this afternoon in Southall delivering the latest tabloid newspapers with Paul Hunt, Chairman of the National Liberal Club.


  1. fkI was out canvassing today and the sight (or should I say sound) of a Tony Lit-mobile preaching family values on a quiet residential street did not go down well with the locals.

    As an aside, the traffic through Southall is nothing like I've ever experienced before. You have to question the sense of the Lit-mobile tactic!

  2. I only saw one active Lit-mobile when I was in Ealing yesterday, but I THOUGHT I heard it claiming that electing Tony Lit would change Ealing "for ever" - which if my ears weren't deceiving me is the most ridiculous campaign slogan ever. Can anyone confirm this?

  3. James I confirm this 100%. I interposed my car behind the lead Corsa and in front of the other four behind it. I sat behind the lead Corsa for 20 minutes so heard the promise that "Tony Lit will change Ealing for ever" many times.

  4. Well it seems things are really hotting up in Southall. Glad i'm there all next week to witness some of it. Hopefully we'll win it, but get rid of Ming anyway.