Thursday, August 2, 2007

That Friday feeling....

Apparently British businesses are losing £50 million a year because people are skipping off early on Friday afternoons.

Perish the thought!

Something tells me this might be a bit of a false calculation. Just say for example, if someone goes off an hour early on Friday afternoon to go to a dental appointment.

So these boffins have calculated that this loses their company £X. Did they also bring into the equation the three hours extra unpaid work that person did, say, working late on Wednesday night? Or the two hours they spent on Saturday morning at home finishing off some work?

Did the massed brains of academia also include those items in their maths?

To quote the words of Bet Lynch:

Did they 'eck as like


  1. British business is supposedly losing £50M pa.

    But there are 60M citizens... that's abt 35M in the workforce.... That equates to £1.42 per employee per year... or a little over 2½pence per week.....

    Feeling guilty depriving your boss of 2.5p?

  2. Oh, and btw..... what is the minimum wage.... abt £5.30?

    OK, so that would be around 8.8pence per minute.

    So that 2.5p you are stealing off of your employer.... is about 20seconds labour.

    How much do you think they paid someone to work all this out....?

  3. Good points Barcharter! I have added your blog to my blogroll in honour of your calculations.

  4. lol, ;D Thank you. And reciprocated.