Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gangs posting on YouTube - the answer to a copper's prayer?

There is much talk in the Sunday papers about YouTube and gangs like the Nogzy and Crocky posting videos to it.

There are calls for Google to censor such videos. Of course, if there is open violence on videos, that should be banned. Indeed, it seems Google do take down such openly violent videos. But further censorship is defeating the whole point of the internet.

And something is being missed here.

If I was DCI Plod in Liverpool CID and I found that one of the criminal gangs (for that is what they are if they are possessing firearms) I was chasing had posted pictures of their armoury on YouTube, I would offer up a small silent prayer of thanks for the information to the Patron Saint of Coppers, who is, of course, Saint Dixon of Dock Green, I mean, Saint Michael.

1 comment:

  1. I don't see any reason that videos with violence in should be banned. Of course, google is within its rights to remove such content if it wishes (and I presume its in teh terms and conditions).

    I do agree though, surely its a policeman's dream to have criminals post evidence of their crimes in a public forum.