Thursday, August 30, 2007

Increase in typhoid and measles - Is Edward Jenner turning in his grave?

It really is madness that there are perfectly good vaccines for typhoid and measles but we are seeing increases in UK incidences of both those diseases.

It is timely that the UK Vaccines industry group have issued a series of documents called "Valuing Vaccines", linked to a publicity campaign involving Tony "Baldrick" Robinson.

My son died aged sixteen months old in 1993 of a type of Meningitis called pneumococall meningitis. At the time, a vaccine for that disease was not even dreamt of. Fortunately, as of last October, such a vaccine is available on the NHS. That was thirteen years too late for my son.

So I have extra reason to be very concerned that available vaccines are not being taken up, leading to an increase in disease.

Photo above: Edward Jenner, who discovered the smallpox vaccine

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