Wednesday, August 8, 2007

John Redwood has been 'substantially debugged'

The report from the Conservatives' Economic policy group is due out next week, as the Finanical Times reports today.

It is likely to reignite tension between the George Osbourne camp, who are ruling out unfunded tax cuts, and those such as John Redwood, who chairs the policy group, who are eager for the Tory "red meat" of tax cust to be dangled before the electorate.

It is interesting that this report is being smuggled out in mid-August, yet it has been available to the shadow cabinet since June. This is a measure of how muted, and almost embarrassed, Cameron is about economic policy.

It transpires that the report has been delayed due to a "substantial debugging" exercise in Conservative Central Office, according to a "senior party insider".

What on earth do they mean?

It couldn't be an exercise is accentuating the spin while muting the substance could it?

Perish the thought.

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