Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gang culture - sharp contrast of Ming's comments with those of the Twerp Cameron

I know I am biased and it is difficult for me to sink to a lower level of cynicism about David Cameron than that which I have already reached.

But he is basically telling us that we all have to get together and make sure that kids in Croxteth don't get hold of guns. Brilliant. It's all our fault. We've all got to pull together. Let sunshine win the day.

I prefer Ming Campbell's comment in the Guardian, as usual tucked away at the bottom of an article, but nonetheless clinchingly and fundamentally sensible for that:

The Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Menzies Campbell, also warned that the "cancer of gang culture" seemed to be spreading through some communities.

"It can only be solved by making sure that young people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, rather than seeking respect by joining gangs and carrying weapons," Sir Menzies said.

"Education is crucial in this task. We need greater investment in early years education for the most disadvantaged children. The school curriculum must be diverse, with vocational elements to give maximum choice in employment. And grassroots youth and sports clubs should be properly funded," the Liberal Democrat leader added.

"There are 'no quick fixes' or simple solutions to gang violence."

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  1. Yes, this is where Ming comes into his own, measured and sensible. I do think Cameron does care, but he hasn't a clue. Tackling poverty is a key, strengthening families is not something politicians can do. Keeping children in families with violent and abusive fathers is not the answer. Actually, it is the children where the state is the parent, who are least likely to succeed. As Simon H said at LGA conference, top of our list of priorities for local services should be detached youth work. Where there are gangs it is the detached youth workers who can engage with and inspire young people, the best are homegrown, but they are a dying breed. Sadly I have watched as over 25 years these services have been decimated.