Sunday, August 26, 2007

Save BBC4's Storyville

Storyville on BBC4 has been responsible for broadcasting some of the finest political documentaries on British television.

Examples have been the superb behind-the-scenes story of the Bill Clinton presidential campaign and, more recently, the Bobby Kennedy story, which I blogged about here.

The two or three, sometimes four hour, format of these documentaries is unmatched on British television.

Benetta Adamson has commented on my blog:

Storyville is remarkable; you're quite right. It has had eight nominations in the prestigious Grierson Trust documentary awards this year alone! It is also under imminent threat from a BBC management planning to cut 60% from its already meagre budget. This will mean that it ceases to commission its own material and can only buy in completed films. As one of the BBC's most critically successful strands* this would be an act of cultural vandalism. This is a series which builds international links, with films from 68 different countries featuring the work of directors from first times to Oscar winners.

A petition has been launched urging the BBC not to make these cuts which has already attracted more than 2000 signatures from all over the world. Visit for further information and a link to the petition.

The BBC needs such programmes as Storyville to maintain or rescue its reputation. In amongst all the quiz and reality shows, Storyville is essential and what the BBC does best.

Please sign the petition to save Storyville here.

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