Saturday, August 11, 2007

Let's enjoy dear old Blighty!

The Independent gives cheer to those of us who are enjoying good old Blighty this August:

Take a look around you. Does it seem quieter than usual? Has an unfamiliar calm descended in your usually bustling neighbourhood? Well, now you know why. According to the AA, the second Saturday in August is the most popular day for people to go abroad on holiday. Some two million of us have fled the country this weekend. Some 600,000 have gone to Spain. Half a million are enjoying France. There are 140,000 in Ireland. Even the Netherlands is playing host to 100,000 British holidaymakers.

Is it really so terrible to be in Britain in August? Is it possible that 180,000 people were prepared to endure Heathrow airport to get to America rather than remain here? What are they all afraid of? OK, there are the floods, foot and mouth, killer mosquitoes and a shark in Cornwall. But at least the weather's getting better. Then again why are we worrying? There's more room for the rest of us now. Enjoy it.

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