Saturday, August 18, 2007

In the old days you knew where you were with record releases

Yes, I know I am old codger.

This isn't a moan. It is just an observation.

In the old days with vinyl record releases on 45rpm, you knew where you stood with the release date. You saw the song reviewed in Record Mirror, or NME or Melody Maker. The next day it was on Emperor Roskoes round table show on Radio 1. Then you could go to the shops and buy the blessed thing.

It seems to be all different now. I have just found this out the hard way. I heard a fantastic new single by Dans le sac vs Scroobius pip on Zane Lowe' s show on Radio One on July 2nd. It's called "The Beat that your heart skipped".

A few weeks later I searched iTunes and quite of few other internet sites for the track. No luck.

More recently I traipsed round HMV and Woolworths. "No sir - we haven't go it".

What's going on? - I thought with exasperation. Zane Lowe's played it. Scott 'Love you' Mills has played it. But I can't buy the blithering thing.

In the end I emailed the record company, Lex. Quick as a flash they emailed back to say that the track will soon be released....on September 10th! That's over two months since Radio 1 played it!

The whole concept of record releases (indeed, including the fact they aren't called "records" any more, I suppose) has changed since I were a lad!


  1. I think it was always that it received airplay shortly before release but it's the cynical wy they create expectation today I don't like. I don't like manipulation of any kind and this is a classic case of it.

  2. I would have thought that this would have a negative effect on sales - people will forget about it or get fed up with it. Perhaps their aim is at an album release? Even then I don't see any sense.

    As for a single - with today's digital and internet radio I'm sure that given the demmand someone will make a copy from the air available...