Sunday, August 26, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Iranian Police hair style guide issued

The Guardian yesterday reported that police in Iran are enforcing "correct" hairstyles:

The arrested men have been forced to identify their barbers and get fresh haircuts. They have then had to return to police stations for officers to decide whether their hairstyles are acceptable.

One can imagine the reception from the Old Bill: "Suits you, sir!"

Police in Iran have now been inundated with young men coming into see them to check out their hairdos. Today I can exclusively reveal that, to save police time, the Iranian Hair Police, the Amaken-e Omoomi, have issued the following pictorial guide to what is and isn't acceptable in the coiffeur department:


  1. Yes, such hair styles are not appropriate, especially that one which Ms Simpson has:) But I hope the new rules are not very strict.

  2. I'd like to see pictures of those arrested men, which hairstyles they had. I wonder if it were very extraordinary.