Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cornish Jaws 2 - we can all breathe again!

It turns out that the Sun story "Cornish JAWS2" was 'a hoax' after all. You would only have been in danger if you had swum all the way from Cornwall to Cape Town, where the video, which caused the panic, had been shot.

And there was me re-planning my holiday because I was so scared.


  1. Five sharks caught off Whitby this year. The Victorian Peeper blog reports on the capture of an 18 footer off the Isle of Wight:

    "The struggle lasted half an hour, when, quite spent, he suffered his head to be drawn above water, and, confining his tail with a noose, we drew him to shore and despatched him with great difficulty by beating him on the head. He measured 18 ft. 4 in., and from his enormous mouth, containing six rows of hard, flat, sharp-pointed teeth (of which I counted 120), and the total absence of spiracles, its skin rough, hard, and prickly, I judged it to be the carcharias vulgaris, or white shark, which is, according to Cuvier, sometimes found on the British coast"

    Temperate water, lots of seals, it wouldn't surprise me if there were great whites around our coasts at all. Nice to see The Bun gulled, though.

  2. One thing I have seen in the North Sea: large pods of killer whales - you have to know where and when to go and see them - and a few solutary ones. Far more worrying than dim but iconic great whites. They have been known to deliberately attack small boats to get at the nutritious contents.

    OK, seadog crap over.

  3. Peter - as always - wonderful to read your salty tales.