Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brown tells Labour - get all PPCs in place by conference

Gordon Brown has ordered all Labour constituency parties to have PPCs in place by the time of the Labour conference in the autumn.

I am beginning to start to believe this snap autumn election malarkey. However, if it is likely, despite Labour needing something north of £20million , perhaps even £40 million, to fund it, why do they keep dropping hints about it?

Surely a "snap" election loses a lot of its "snap" if it is touted in advance ad naueseam, does it not?

On balance I tend to go with Andrew Rawnsley's verdict:

Gordon Brown hasn't even told Gordon Brown when he will call a general election. He doesn't know either.

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  1. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to have also all the Lib Dem PPCs in place before autumn, just in case.