Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is this the naffest advert on TV today?

It's the jacket which gets me. On. Off. On. Off. Hilarious! And the hair! Bobby Charlton eat your heart out.

I remember an old adage for advertisers. If you are really having enormous difficulty pleasing your client, the solution is simple. Get the client to present his own adverts. The client will never complain about something which he has done.

The other thing is - he says his name is Juan Luis Fernandez. Hello? As near as darn it, that's the Spanish equivalent of John Smith. Is this man real? He's been called "the Spanish Barry Scott". No sign of irony that I can detect. It's very subtle if there is.

If this advert had been shown a few times I wouldn't mention it. But the blithering thing is taking over UK television it's on so often. Enough already!

One good thing about this advert though. It's now started an ongoing cheesy catch-phrase in our family:

Maybe tomorrow? Better today!

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  1. You forget to mention the appearence of Jack Nicklaus in the adverts. He 'designed' the golf this what Tiger Woods is destined for in his retirement?