Thursday, August 2, 2007

LibDem proposal to tax air flights to improve rail system

The BBC reports what appear to be well thought-through proposals from within the party to tax internal UK flights (except 'lifeline' routes such as to and from islands) and freight transport, then use that money on a time-limited basis to improve the rail infrastructure.

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  1. They don't seem at all well thought out to me, at least not the blanket airplan tax.

    I don't see it going down at all well in Cornwall. Our Train service is a joke, the main A30 is still not dual carriage way for much of it's way through cornwall (even after recent work).

    Beyond that, there is already heavy taxation on flights, and it's not based on pollution but on price.

    The blanket tax is a bad idea - it's not at all hard to work out emissions for a seat on a plane, and tax based on emissions - then you can apply the same simple tax to any plane travel, wherever it's going.