Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Misery upon misery for David Cameron

It's turning out to be a wretched summer for David Cameron. Bless him. Firstly, all sorts of criticism from his own party, Ali Miraj, Lord Saatchi, Graham Brady and Lord Kalms, an onsalught of Yorkshirefolk stopping him eating his dessert, trips and holiday plans put through the meat mincer in order not be wrong-footed by the hyperactive Clunking Fist....it's endless misery for poor fellow.

Lord Kalms has been historically a huge donor to the Tory party but hasn't given to them since Cameron took over, and doesn't seem likely to now, after his recent "come on, chum" criticism of the leader.

Now another Big Tory donor accuses Cameron of arrogance and says he won't give any more money to the party. It's millionaire Sir Tom Cowie. He gave £0.5 million to the Tories 2005 campaign.

The litany of verbiage from Sir Tom is that he accuses Cameron of "Old Etonian arrogance" and says that he is "very very disappointed" with him.

In response to a question about the present state of the Conservatives he told the Guardian:

Are you sure you don't want to hear foul language? ... All I can say is I am very, very disappointed with the state of the party. I will not mince my words: I shan't send them any more money."

...The Tory party seems to be run now by Old Etonians and they don't seem to understand how other people live. They seem to be very arrogant like I suppose Old Etonians can be. They certainly don't understand about grammar schools.


  1. Tragic, isn't it? What does this mean for the 'Notting Hill Set', not that you hear much about them these days.

  2. Poor poor Dave. Both he and the Conservatives have been learning lately that everything that glitters is not always golden. For months the activists have been content to go around wearing sunglasses just in case Dave 'sunshine boy' bent over and let the sun shine out. Now it seems they are impatient and failed to hold their nerve. Now they seem to be queueing up to shove their sunglasses where the sun don't shine.

    If you want a laugh at his expense try this out I thought it was a hoot. Cameron flash game[Thanks to Norfolk Blogger for pointing it out]