Monday, August 6, 2007

Healing for Robbie Williams?

One of the most extraordinary things I have seen on television was a Take That reunion programme in 2005. It was remarkable because the chemistry between the group was obviously strong, with the exception of Robbie Williams who appeared via video. He explained afterwards that this was nothing to do with his busy schedule but the fact that he found it difficult to be in the same room as Gary Barlow.

If I might enter the role of amateur shrink for a moment, I thought at the time that this refusal to bury a nine year-old hatchet must surely have been one of the obstacles to Robbie Williams achieving full stability in his personal life. It's all very well being able to scream "I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams", but if you possess sufficient demons to avoid talking to someone with whom you have shared a very close relationship, it is not really worth a jot.

So it is reassuring that Williams and Barlow have now talked to each other, after 11 years' silence, and had a nice chat. I suspect the Williams psyche will be a lot healthier, as a result.


  1. I might suggest it has more to do with Robbie Willaims not being able to buy a memorable hit record whilst Take That can do no wrong. Perhaps he's after some kudos from the Take That brand ?