Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A new Midsomer Murder - swimming in chocolate

Last night I felt like I was swimming in chocolate. A new Midsomer Murder! I felt the same excitement as when Alex Wilcock sits down to watch a particularly iconic episode of The Avengers on BBC4. And it really was wonderful. All the classic ingredients. And a cliff-hanger of an ending involving a location other than "Midsomer"! Helicopters in Snowdonia! Whatever next! Although I noticed some very clever cutting so that I doubt John Nettles went above the altitude of four feet in the helicopter.

How old is Cully? She is still living at home. And yet the actress, Laura Howard, who plays her is 30 years old. It has taken all this time for her now at last to get to the stage where she might actually be getting married....well at least Tom Barnaby took her boyfriend down to the Crown for a pint at the end of last night's episode. So at last we seem to be getting there.

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